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Compliance officer at Advance Call Center Technologies
Inmate Name: AMBER BUTTARS (Amber Bane)

Arrest Date/Time: 6/18/2017 at 01:39
Name Number: 130410
Age At Arrest: 32
Agency: LCPD
Bail Type: BOND

Advance Call Center Technologies (ACT) is an international company with its main facility in Logan Utah.

This webpage will show how Advance Call Center Technologies is involved with illegal and unethical behavior. ACT actively hires people that have been convicted of crimes.

This website will explain how a person can sue Advance Call Center Technologies (ACT).

Advance Call Center Technologies (ACT) staff

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Corporate office

Hunter Croft
Executive Vice President Sales
Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC

Office: 610-695-0500 Ext: 211
Mobile: 610-368-1669

Hunter Croft.jpg

Dave Mclaughlin

Lora Underwood
Payroll Supervisor


Logan office

Angela Thompson
Matthew Ratkowski - Matt Ratkowski

Manager of Sallie Mae of College Avenue

Zachary Curtis - Zach Curtis

Manager of Bank of America
Human Resource director [Name withheld]

FIRED by Matthew Ratkowski
Iliana Howes

HR Manager

Jami Smith

Supervisor over Sallie Mae

Jonathan Myers

Supervisor over Sallie Mae
Tori Jaynes Quit

Quality Assurance
Tyson Nelson

Supervisor College Avenue
Jami Swa

Amber Bane - Amber Buttars

Compliance Officer

ACT - Sallie Mae Original Employees

  • Airam, Falesiu
  • Atkinson, Dani
  • Bailey, Travis - Fired
  • Ballard, Brandon
  • B., A.
  • Brandon, Debra - Allegedly fired for arguing with ACT Management -
  • Brasfield, Jeremy
  • Chappell, Kylee
  • Christensen, Kara
  • Deveraux, Taylor
  • Dial, Andrew
  • Gonzalez, Jose
  • Gubler, Braden
  • Hancey, Kaylee
  • Harrison, Stokes
  • Hill, Brian
  • Hyer, Jane
  • Jensen, Alyssa - drink underage criminal record
  • Jensen, Dale
  • Kaytso-Martin, Shonadena
  • Kelly, Bryan
  • Knight, Cynthia
  • Larsen, Terri
  • Lineback, Christie
  • Loveday, Alyssa
  • Madlock, Kimberly
  • Mansfield, Shaquel
  • Nelson, Tyson
  • Oliphant, Jared
  • Olsen, Alexis
  • Owens, Spencer
  • Saunders, Darrin
  • Silva, Gabriela
  • Torres, Bianca
  • Torres, Maria
  • Valdez, Alejandra - Assault charges
  • Varner, Angelina

College avenue employees

  • Roger Larsen - Teri's husband -
  • Robert McMillan
  • Lorie Farris - Former Convergys employee -
  • Thea Kimber
  • Sara Whipple

Sallie Mae staff

  • Paul Funk <> 302-451-0366 Newark - Continental, DE
  • Nathan Schlafer Unit Collections Manager 300 Continental Drive, Newark, DE 19713 - 302.451.0493
  • Bryan Sullivan <> 302-451-0332 cell: 302-345-6801 Education Coordinator
  • Dana - black woman trainer
  • 302-451-0277 - Bryan's supervisor
  • - 302-451-0458 CEO
  • - 302-451-0500
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Financial - - 302-451-0225
  • Migliore, Mark -Quality Review Specialist
  • Platt, Holly - Education Coordinator, SLM-SLM - 302-451-4986 -
  • Dorph, Kristin - Education Coordinator, SLM-SLM Bank - 302-451-0540 -

Bonus structure


It is May 16, and the bonus/commission for April, despite repeated promises has not been publically announced.

No one knows how much the bonus/commision will be.
The people who will receive the bonus dropped from 7 to 3 to 4 to 3.
The factors for the bonus/commission was never clear and there was extensive confusion on the many convoluted factors to get a bonus.
This same system will be used for the month of May.
There is millions of dollars that is being invested in this facility every single day.
There is money to buy two huge television sets in the breakroom, a bike rack, various posters etc.
Yet ACT will not pay the original group commission/bonuses.
We are now down to less than 16 people from the original 30 people. We just lost Dale on Friday.
There was announcement at the beginning of April when our group went onto the floor:
"At least people 7 out of 17 will get a bonus/commission."
Matt Promised call floor agents that we will know who gets the bonus/commission the first week of May.
Jami said the reason why was because we were having difficulty getting numbers from Sallie Mae.
Matt Promised to the call floor that we will know who gets the bonus/commission on May 9th.
I spoke with Zach Curtis who confirmed that we would know who got the bonus by May 9th.
The people who get the bonus changes, and the number drops from 7 to 3 to 4 to 3.
On May 10th
When I said I was going to contact Hunter Croft on Wednesday May 10th. Jami asked about the bonus. She pulled me aside and said:
Jami said only three people of 17 on the call floor will get the bonus, Kristy, Allisa Lovejoy and Jane were getting the bonus.
Jami said that it isn't commission, it is a "bonus".
Jami said that the three people were alerted to getting the bonus
I spoke with one of the three people, Jane, on Thursday May 11th,
she did not know that she was getting a bonus.
Jami said that the requirements for getting the bonus is 90% or higher quality score
Not the 85% quality score I thought was the number (which I personally met).
Jami said that his system will be used for the month of May.
I told Tyson in passing that only three people were going to get the bonus
Tyson was infuriated.
He was so angry I said that I was only guessing about the three people.
He said there were going to be seven people, as we were all told.
After May 10th (date unknown - I was told this on May 16th by Terri)
Terri spoke with Matt.
Matt told Terri there would be four people that got the bonus.
Kristy, Allisa Lovejoy and Jane and "some guy"
May 16th
I talk to Tori.
Tori says that Allisa Lovejoy will be dumped from the bonus list
Tyson is now one of the three.
May 16th
There still has been no public announcement about the bonus.
No one knows how much the bonus will be.

Matt dealing with management and employees

May 17, 2017 - 11 am - Jane walks out of conference room in tears with Jon Myers after a meeting with Matt.

May 16, 2017 - Alejandra says that both A. and Jami walk out of the conference room in tears. On May 17, 2017 A. explains he was in tears because he had saved two third parties payment information and was threatened to be fired by Matt. Matt asks A. if people in Utah are overly sensitive. The day it happens Jami explains to me that she cries when she gets angry.

Passive Aggressive behavior- Disrespectful toward agents property

May 15, 2017 - Tori sees my list on the "ring of reference" which Angela Thompson had printed out for me, including several FDR pages. I ask her not to throw it away without my permission. The next day, May 16, 2017 - when I come into work, all of my papers in the ring of reference had been thrown away. I hang up on my first call because I realize that I don't have my ring of reference at my desk to refer too for the call.

Amber Buttars - Amber Bane

May 18, 11:15 am
Amber Bane is the Sallie Mae compliancy officer. She sits in an office behind the call floor. This week she has begun to float around my computer more now, looking for call violations that she can report to Iliana Howes. She was doing this again today. I motion for Amber to see my screen.
Travis: I was almost terminated on Friday (This is in reference to Bane reporting that I had not locked my screen for the second time, and then reporting this violation to Illiana, leading to my final warning letter)
Bane, Amber: As long as that helped you.

5-12 Friday reported me for not having my screen closed - I was written up.

Threatened by Ilana Howe, in the presence of Jami Smith that I would be terminated for not locking my screen again.

Lawsuits against Advanced Call Center Technologies

Minimum Wage/Overtime
Case: Advanced Call Center Technologies (January 2015)
Settlement Amount: $2.45 Million
Case Type/Status: Recently Settled
Case Synopsis:
Customer service representative alleged minimum wage and overtime violations against a nationwide call center corporation for its failure to properly compensate them for time spent working off-the-clock while booting up and shutting down their computers and relating programs on a daily basis. Case settled for $2.45 million.